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Regni.to is reservation system for fitness centres, barbes, tatoo artists, dental hygienst etc. In short for everyone who needs evidence of theis customers and reservations.

Responsive web design

Regni.to looks good on PC, tablet and mobile

Your customers can easily register to your event from their mobile phone

Custom logo and colors

Unlimited calendars and events

Calendar size adjust to current device to always look good

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Benefits of regni.to

Our system is always available online from our server

You dont need to install anything

All administration can be handled from your mobile phone

Your customers can easily register to your event from their mobile phone

Email notifications of upcoming events

Everything at one place

You can set a leading user (lector etc.) for each event and their avatar is then shown in calendar


Everything at one place

With regni.to you can manage evidence of customers, events, reservations, stock items and sales. Each document can be exported to accounting system POHODA for your accountant.

Many types of documents

Custom price groups

QR codes for payments to your bank account

Inventory check

Option for TAX payer

Invoice print or send by email

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Continuos development

We contiue to add new functionality

We'll happily hear your ideas what to improve

If there is something missing that you need, feel free to contact us

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Regnit.to comes up with many options to customize just for you.

Custom logo and colors

Custom roles and rights definition

Unlimited amount of calendars and events

Unlimited types of tickets

Multiple document types

Always online no matter where you are

Custom price groups

Option for Tax/NonTax payers

QR codes for payments to your bank account

Option to turn on/off visibility of registered users for each event

Clients are our most important assets.


Regni.to system comes up with many useful functions that will help you with day to day client administration so that you can fully focus on your bussiness.

Events and calendars

You can create unlimited amount of events (classes, etc.) and assign them to a calendar (gym spac, ...). So that it is possible to have multiple events at the same time.

Price groups

You can define unlimited amount of price groups and assign users and items to them.

Tickets and credit system

System enables you to create unlimited types of tickets with options to define validity, number of entries a types of events that can be paid by them. You can also use credit system and users can pay for their events by prepaid credit.

Email notifications

System sends email notifications about reservations, cancellation and reminders to users.


You can have any number of warehouses. System has user friendy view for all warehouse movements.


You can create custom roles a set required rights to them (owner, receptionist etc.). It is very flexible and allows you to have roles as you need.


System contains evidence of sell documents, invoices, cash documents, issue slips, receipt slips and transfer slips. If you turn on section My Documents, each user can view their documents in their profile.

XML exports

XML exports of all issued documents in format for POHODA accounting system. You can send all required data to your accountant.

Inventory check

Inventory check of you warehouse so you can monitor your stock item movements.

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All functions are now free of charge.

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The key to this success is the hardwork and the dedication that our team put into work.

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CEO, owner


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